How Social Media Can Improve Your Writing Skills

Social media is already making an affect within the classroom as a for enhancing literacy expertise however what we adults usually are not essentially appreciating are the methods by which our use of Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram may help us to hone our personal English utilization. Social media it might seem is right here to remain, we would as nicely use it to enhance our writing expertise. Here are some methods you may prefer to attempt:

The Knack of Summary

Dr Seuss Words

“So the author who breeds extra phrases than he wants, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”

– Dr Seuss

Dr Seuss might not have really been a health care provider, however he was proper about writing. All writing is just pretty much as good as its enhancing. It is straightforward to jot down utilizing too many phrases however not so easy to chop your phrase rely as a way to talk in a exact method what you wish to say.

Social media posts give glorious follow in enhancing to a decent phrase rely. Each has a unique allowance: Twitter permits a complete of roughly 23 phrases (140 characters) whereas Facebook and Instagram have a lot bigger whole limits however with solely 23 phrases initially exhibiting. Whatever the message you are attempting to speak, you’ll virtually actually want to chop it down to suit into this allowance. This means that you’ll want to follow:

  • Alternative sentence constructions
  • The intelligent use of shorter synonyms e.g. ‘combine’ as an alternative of ‘mixture’
  • Contractions e.g. you’re, they’ve, haven’t
  • Removing pointless articles e.g. that, a, an, the
  • Jettisoning tautologies (surplus phrases) e.g. ‘armed gunman’ or ‘morning dawn’

Once you’ve gained these expertise, you’ll find that they spill naturally into your different writing and change into helpful enhancing instruments.


A Wide Audience

It is just not usually that we get the chance to deal with a room of over 1,000 individuals, however after we use social media, that is precisely what we’re doing. With an viewers so international and so giant there are certain to be points of range and totally different understanding ranges. Careful consideration to model and choice of phrases due to this fact turns into paramount. Hone your model by writing the identical message for 2 totally different audiences, for instance:

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Quick Enjoyment

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
– Ernest Hemingway

In this quote Hemingway acknowledges that writing is usually a arduous slog. If you take pleasure in it you’ll perceive the frustration of a crowded with no time to jot down. Even a 500-word weblog publish takes a pair of hours whether it is nicely researched and edited. If you think twice about your social media posts, you’ll find that the act of creating precisely the suitable impression and utilizing precisely the suitable language turns into akin to a craft. In different phrases, shaping a wonderful social media publish might be as satisfying as writing say a brief poem. If you may solely discover odd occasions within the day to jot down, then hold your hand in by practising a bit of social media creation.


Instant Feedback


Most of us adults don’t have a instructor out there to mark our writing with multicoloured pens. In truth, writing an extended piece of work is usually a difficult train in self-assessment. Mistakes which are made in the beginning are sometimes left to run till the after they can change into troublesome to untangle throughout enhancing. Social media nonetheless gives the final word suggestions by which individuals will both ‘like’ or ignore your work. This could seem harsh however it’s satisfying, when you’ve fastidiously crafted a publish, to see what you’ve written being shared.

Of course, this sort of approval must be taken with a pinch of salt, your tweet could be standard as a result of you’ve provided a prize or hooked up a surprising picture and never all of your readers will know when you’ve got put an apostrophe within the appropriate place or not. Nonetheless, it’s price noting which of your posts appeal to probably the most consideration and attempting to determine which varieties of language utilization have contributed to probably the most success.


Specific Exercises

Hand showing hashtag notification concept on blue background

Compared to different varieties of writing and since it’s nonetheless creating, social media has comparatively relaxed language guidelines. This implies that posts provide the chance to mess around a bit with language. Here are some enjoyable however perhaps difficult recommendations:

  • Overdo the alliteration (phrases with the identical beginning sound)
  • g. Ferry throughout to our improbable meals truthful. Falafel, fondues and fancies that don’t break the bank. Feast on your favorite fare!
  • Experiment with hashtags. Hashtags spotlight phrases which are key to your message. Finding the right hashtag is the final word train in abstract.
  • Create your individual combos. This is your alternative to contribute to the development (or detriment) of the English language. Some mixture or portmanteaux phrases have been round some time e.g. ‘smoke’ and ‘fog’ = ‘smog’ and others are newer additions e.g. ‘chill’ and ‘calm down’ = ‘chillax’. The IT business is especially environment friendly at portmanteaux phrase creation: e mail, podcast, emoticon and webinar are however just a few examples. One funercise (enjoyable and train) could be to attempt to jocreate (be part of and create) your individual frerds (recent phrases) and see if you will get them usopted (used and adopted) on smedia and even into the OxEnDic!

There might be no denying that social media is having an affect on language utilization, specific on the subject of tempo of change. Some may see this as a detrimental however the reality is that the English language has by no means been static; phrases fall into and out of use and new kinds and necessities have their affect. We would all be clever to take advantage of of social media based mostly alternatives to enhance our writing expertise.


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